My Teacher's Getting Married!

Hey there! I've been on a bit of a hiatus from the blogging and TpT world, but for good reason...I'm planning my wedding! As some of you may know from following my Instagram, I’m getting married in just 34 days! It breaks my heart to tell my students  (both current and former) that they aren’t able to come to the wedding. I knew I wanted to have my students celebrate with me, so I’m in the process of planning a “school” wedding, using my newest product, My teacher says, "I DO!"! I’m hoping that my ideas might inspire you to have your own school wedding. Our celebration will take place this Friday, May 12. Be sure to watch my Instagram for updates! 

About a month ago, I picked a Friday in May to be our “school wedding” day, and had my fiancĂ© take a half day off from work to join in the celebration! I put the day on our morning meeting calendar and even had a paper chain countdown. About two weeks out, I sent home a letter to parents explaining my plans (included in this set). I later sent home simple invitations with my kiddos. Since we used a design from Etsy for our real wedding invitations, I simply edited this for our school wedding! The kids loved it.

To build up to the event, we completed writing and art activities each day that week. We also read some great books, including Congratulations, Miss Malarky! and Lily’s Big Day. This gave students an idea of what to expect for the big day, since many of them had never been to a wedding! We also made DIYbow ties and flower crowns.

On the big day, the kids – I mean, guests! – will arrive in their fanciest clothes. I'm planning to wear a white dress (dangerous, I know). We will spend the morning rotating around to different wedding themed centers. While the kids are hard at work, I will call them out one by one to take a picture with me at our DIY photo booth. I’ll be printing them out a copy of their photo to keep.

During the kids’ lunch, I'll be hustling to transform my classroom into a mini reception hall! I bought some cheap plastic tablecloths to cover our tables, put out some centerpieces, and set up a cupcake table.

I'm hoping the kids will be wowed when they return to our "reception venue," and know they'll be especially excited to see Mr. May. After eating a delicious cupcake, we'll turn on some kid-friendly music, and dance the afternoon away. I'll set out wedding coloring books for my non-dancing friends, and we'll even have a lollipop bouquet toss! At the end of our celebration, my students will present Mr. May with a book they'll make, called How to Live Happily Ever After

I've included all of these activies in my newest product, now available on TpT! If you're a teacher bride, or have a bride on your team, be sure to check it out. I've also divided the set into three mini versions for writing, art, and centers, which you can also find on my TpT!

And...just for you, here's a freebie sampler of the set! Enjoy, and happy wedding planning, teacher brides! Stay tuned for updates from my classroom's "wedding week"! 


  1. This is so creative! I love that you made it an event for your students. Congratulations!

  2. This is super cute!! Can't wait to see pictures of the big event!!

  3. Thank you both! I'll be posting pictures of my school wedding soon, but right now I'm prepping for my real wedding this weekend! :)


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